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IfG.Transfer - Change Management

One of the biggest challenges when implementing eGovernment is the management of organizational changes within and especially between organizations and management levels. IfG.Transfer possesses experience in change management and other proven approaches which are aimed especially at the requirements of cross-organizational projects. This makes it possible to integrate many different actors into projects, resulting in workable results which can be successfully implemented.

In addition, at the operating level, questions of technology acceptance must be taken into consideration through change management strategies which incorporate user-oriented analyses of the measures necessary to gain acceptance of the technology and participatory measures.

In this area IfG.Transfer offers consulting services detailing how projects can be managed and implemented. Specific services include private coaching and support services in the area of human resources development and competence development:

Private Coaching:
IfG.Transfer offers private coaching on different eGovernment subjects. This private coaching consists of coaching sessions in which the coach, a person with experience and expertise in a particular subject advises and tutors individual executives and project managers (the coachee), allowing these managers and executives to build up technical knowledge through private conversations. These coaching sessions provide a neutral, balanced viewpoint of the subject, not based upon internal organization aspects, specific actors or sensibilities. The goal of these sessions is to enable the coachee to achieve a level of independent judgment through analytic thinking about the field of eGovernment, and be able to implement eGovernment projects and act strategically.

The coaching is development-oriented and designed to increase the technical and analytic eGovernment competences of the coachee to fit the requirements of his or her position. In addition, the technical current level of expertise of the coachee will be evaluated and matched with the technical requirements for the position or other future requirements. This evaluation is used to determine the specific eGovernment competence requirements which then form the basis of the technical single coaching sessions.

Human resources development and competence development:
It is not sufficient just to technically implement pilot projects; instead they must be implemented and accepted throughout an entire organization. This requires human resources, development policies and activities, especially in the area of qualifications and competence development. IfG.Transfer can develop and implement such policies and activities. Skill catalogs and qualification plans for specific target groups must include strategic, project management and application-related skills, among others. Specifically, IfG.Transfer offers curricula and training modules appropriate to specific target audiences for training institutions, upon which knowledge and competencies can be systematically built up.


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